Heart and Mind

by Nazarene

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released March 7, 2014




all rights reserved


Nazarene Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Still Breathing
I am consumed by fire
I am consumed by darkness
I'm still breathing
I'm still here and I'm still breathing
Even when my only hope was leaving
I was left with a piece of paper with feelings written out
In trapped in my mind,
I'm stuck here all of the time
I'm trapped in my mind
I'm stuck here all of the time

With the memories written out on my wrist
The pain is laid on my heart
I don't want to be the one to save you
But I guess I have to now
I can see it in your eyes
You don't know how to move on
From the memories written out on your own wrist

You are the rock in my way
The obstruction In my path
You are the devil on my shoulder
I'm desperate

I'm still breathing
I'm still breathing

Red on my mind
Heart attack at the break of my existence
Oh God, it is persistent

Oh God, it is persistent
Oh God, it is persistent
Track Name: Lost
There's a place in my head
Where there is no peace.
My mind is always at war.
Only death will make it cease.
And I've been losing.

My heart feels desolate.
Empty and famished.
I'm losing hope everyday.
My purpose is dying
A lost cause some might say.

I'm lost and found,
I can't find the reasons
to even press on.
I can't get through the seasons.
I feel so alone.

This loneliness is fatal.
There is no one that's for me.
Encouragement only lasts for days.
Depression blinds and deafens me.
I am lost, show me the way.

There is no map for life.
No one has lived more than once.
My will and loves are at a strife.
Conflicting me to move on.
I'm lost, and I'm to blame.

Get lost with me
so we can connect with our minds,
then we can finally feel peace
No more pain and war.
My heart & mind won't be sore.

Death leave my mind,
you were all that I felt.
I want to feel alive,
Im tired of feeling misery and guilt.
My beloved, you are being revived
Track Name: Roots
This apathy, is ruining everything
You're doing nothing but killing me
I've taken death on with a blank look on my face
The way we've been living is a disgrace
We find comfort in a bottle
Relief in a knife
When will the madness end? When will you open your eyes?

This generation is convinced that the world is out to get them
But the truth is
We are all too busy hiding ourselves away
We are a broken community
Where is the trust?

We keep pushing away from the roots we know to love
We were brought up to create
But all we do is destroy

We are all savages
Can we escape from this?
Where is the trust?

There is no compassion
No acceptance
No consideration for what might be around the next turn
You don't care about a thing
What's the meaning to life if all you do is lose
Track Name: Jericho
I've been building up these walls for years.
Just to see who would make them fall.

God, joined by my friends, broke through my solitary kingdom
with love and compassion rebuilt this broken soul
rebuilt this broken soul.

I didn't write this to tell a story,
I didn't write this to tell a story.
I wrote to give thanks to my lord and savior,
and everyone I love on this Earth.
I wrote it to give thanks.

Maybe one day you'll realize that this life was not taken from God's hands, you'll realize that this life was given to us.

I continue learning everyday
of the forever kingdom
love and Mercy God ripped this evil attached to my heart.

God got me out of this hole, this hole called the sinner's life.