Fade Away

by Nazarene

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released May 13, 2014

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Jose Gonzalez



all rights reserved


Nazarene Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Fade
Nothing will last forever, everything in this world will fade away. Vanish in the wind like the dust. I will wither away like the leaves in Autumn and perish. So the moment I have full faith I will cherish.
Track Name: Sadducee
The self-righteousness has become a sickness on all.
It’s apart of the world’s curse.
You are no different than what you condemn.
Hate blinds you
You are deceived by religion.
Where’s the relationship? Where’s your action?
(We are vile)
Where’s the love that the savior preached?
What you are is what you’ll rue.
Take the log out of your eye!
Do you see your reflection?
It’s nothing but hate and intolerance.
Your words mean nothing
I know who you truly are
You are what you’re against.
It’s all you’ve ever been.
So cast the first stone.
You’re apart of the world if you like it or not
Count your good deeds that’ll fade away in the dust, in the dust.
Cast the first stone
Cast the damn stone
Track Name: Loathe
I feel it running through my veins.
It shivers up and down my spine.
I’m stranded in my self loathing.
Desolateness and silence is what defines.
Being in solitude would bring mercy.
Too much would bring death.
Death becomes beautiful, and life becomes dark and vile.
life just becomes another word for dying.
I need to be brave.
You’re always there even when you died with my sin.
Oh God, give me peace.
My heart is heavy.
Will this ever end or will I carry my burdens, I'm sinking into the ground, until I become apart of the deceased?
It's calling my name, the soil.
Death has never been so loyal.
My heart is heavy and my mind is full of lies
Will this ever end or will I carry my burdens until I become apart of the deceased?
Track Name: Autumn
At the end of life, people’s true colors start to show.
Everything becomes clearer.
It’s like the season of Autumn.
The leaves change color,
Everything is visible
once they fall
It’s peaceful, but gloomy.
Nostalgia becomes familiar,
But everything is fading away.
We’re fading away.
Life and death is *(Collectively, no not a grammar mistake)* beautiful.
It’s the reason of existence.
Death grows frightening because no one knows what comes next.
At least some have faith.

Unlike the trees, my roots don’t grasp this earth.
Nothing is satisfying, so where is my home here?
Home is not a place.
Home is a feeling, love, and grace
These are from above
If only these were forever here.

Nothing is satisfying, so where's my home here?
I don't belong here.
Track Name: Noose
My soul is bleeding, bleeding righteousness.
I’m becoming everything and everyone around me.
It’s all touched by death’s hand.
Twisted and mutilated. It reflects the heart and motives.
I’m Bowing down, bow down, to false idols and giving my life away to nothing.
This is the noose around my neck, just waiting for the ground to cave in so my feet anchor my way down to oblivion.
Take me out of my trials.
Or charge me as guilty. Sentence me!
The trials are choking what’s left of my faith.
Give me grace, let me live and love.
Take away my noose! My noose!
I’m choking, my neck is breaking.
My spirit is vanishing away, you can see it in my eyes. My sights aren’t above.
Everything is so dull, and there is no life in the living. I’m just waiting. I'm choking, my neck is breaking.
Cave in.
You are enough, God, glory goes to you no matter what.